Product Photos

4 oz and 2 oz Sprays

10 mL Roll-ons 

15 mL Undiluted Oils

Gift Bag and Gift Box (containing an assortment of VISETTE sprays)

Vintage Pillbox Perfumes (each filled with a VISETTE blend in hard perfume form)


Handmade with natural gemstones, chosen to support aromatherapy benefits of my 3 signature blends

Selenite, Moonstone & Clear Quartz: fraîche (fresh)


Shungite, Red Jasper, Hematite: épice (spice)


Amethyst: fleur (flower)

VISETTE products are sold at farmers & makers markets and craft & artisan fairs in the larger MILWAUKEE, WAUKESHA, KENOSHA and CHICAGO areas

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